On-Demand Webinar: Tell Your Best Institutional Story for Investment Advisors and Consultants

Deepen your insight of your clients’ peers across asset classes to strengthen your reporting and analysis.

Finding insightful ways to communicate performance to your clients shouldn't be difficult. 
With a performance repository of over $10T in institutional investment assets, Investment Metrics can help you evaluate your clients’ gross and net plan performance relative to their institutional investment peers – across a set of asset classes and plan types, using industry leading peer groups you can customize.  

Join Mark Bell and Peter Antonic for a short 20-minute on-demand webinar specifically for investment advisors and consultants. 
We will help you answer these common questions:

  • How does my client stack up against others in their space? 
  • How does my client’s asset allocation compare? 
  • How do I make my performance reporting to the client three-dimensional?

Watch now to learn how you could further deepen your insight and understanding of your clients’ peers across asset classes, and how this data could further strengthen your reporting and analysis.

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