Natixis Investment Managers' 2019 Report
The State of ESG Investing

On-Demand Webinar

As the hunt for better risk-adjusted returns gets more challenging, institutional investors are seeing greater potential for ESG investing.

Watch this 45-minute discussion as Natixis Investment Managers walk us through the 2019 Natixis ESG Report and discuss the state of ESG investing.

During this webinar replay, you’ll learn:

  • The role of ESG in both investing for values and investing for value
  • How to understand investor demand in terms of consumer behavior
  • The role of motivations in choosing an ESG strategy
  • Institutional preferences in ESG implementation
  • The information gaps and who is trying to close them

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Mark Bell, Chief Marketing Office at Investment Metrics, and David Goodsell, Executive Director at Natixis Center for Investor Insight

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