Fees, Factors & Flows

What do managers need to know about today’s top allocation drivers, performance, fees and style factors

Everything is connected—and if you want to succeed, you need to see the bigger patterns. Join Damian Handzy and Brendan Cooper from the Investment Metrics Research Team for a look at what’s been driving institutional allocations. In this session, they’ll explore the relationships between asset allocations, fund performance, post-negotiated fees, factor styles and more to find out:

  • Do larger allocations usually go to lower-fee funds?
  • Do investors get what they pay for: are higher fees associated with better performance?
  • Do popular styles (Growth in 2020, Value in 2021) command higher fees?
  • Top asset winning funds – what was their performance? Average fees?
  • How has the Growth-to-Value rotation impacted allocations?
  • Are Value funds now raising fees? Are Growth funds lowering them?

Don’t miss this informative session where we’ll cover everything you need to know about how fees and factors impact asset flows.




Brendan Cooper
Brendan is a senior consultant at Investment Metrics, responsible for overseeing the research team. Brendan consults with the money management community on the investing of institutional assets. Living abroad for many years greatly influenced his interest in world affairs and was part of the reason that he studied history and economics. Brendan holds a BA from Boston College and has over 20 years of investment experience.

Damian Handzy
Damian has 24 years’ experience in FinTech analytics, having worked with hundreds of Wall Street’s most successful investment managers in risk management, performance attribution and factor analysis. He joined Style Analytics in August 2019 to help bring their innovative and unique style factor approach to a wider market. Prior to joining Style Analytics, Damian co-founded Investor Analytics in 199 as Wall Street’s first cloud-based multi-asset class risk service provider and served as Chairman and CEO until he sold that company to StatPro in 2016 to become their Global Head of Risk.

Damian received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his doctorate in nuclear astrophysics while working on Correlation Functions at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at MSU.

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