Q2 2021 Fee Analyzer Report

Impact of manager size on pricing for U.S. Large Cap Equities

We analyzed 229 managers with more than 8,900 observations to determine the impact of manager size on fees for active U.S. Large Cap equity over the last three years.

Our quarterly report uncovers:

  • Whether median fees have gone up or down over time
  • Who has the better median fee premium—small- or mega-managers
  • Which managers garnered the highest median fees among new mandates
  • Average median fees by plan type—and how they stack up

Download our report today and find out the role that manager and mandate size play in pricing for active U.S. Large Cap Equity.

Investment Metrics’ Fee Analyzer is the industry’s source of post negotiated manager fees. Fee Analyzer is an interactive tool used to benchmark post-negotiated manager fees across 70,000 observations and 65 investment styles. It compares negotiated fees (rather than list or published fees) for different plan types, mandate sizes and asset classes. With Fee Analyzer’s reliable fee data, asset allocators and managers gain competitive insights from benchmarking and evaluating fees vs. returns and risk—essential to manager selection, fee transparency and pricing efficiency across the institutional investment market.



About the Authors:


Brendan Cooper
Brendan is a senior consultant at Investment Metrics, responsible for overseeing the research team. Brendan consults with the money management community on the investing of institutional assets. Living abroad for many years greatly influenced his interest in world affairs and was part of the reason that he studied history and economics. Brendan holds a BA from Boston College and has over 20 years of investment experience.

Scott Treacy
Scott Treacy joined Investment Metrics in 2014 as a consultant, producing and presenting research to clients on U.S. institutional investments. Previously, Mr. Treacy spent four years with Brandes Investment Partners, based in their Geneva, Switzerland office, as an institutional portfolio specialist for their European, Middle Eastern, and African based clients. Mr. Treacy is a CFA charter holder and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Tufts University in 2003, majoring in Economics.

Damian Handzy
Damian has 24 years’ experience in FinTech analytics, having worked with hundreds of Wall Street’s most successful investment managers in risk management, performance attribution and factor analysis. He joined Style Analytics in August 2019 to help bring their innovative and unique style factor approach to a wider market. Prior to joining Style Analytics, Damian co-founded Investor Analytics in 199 as Wall Street’s first cloud-based multi-asset class risk service provider and served as Chairman and CEO until he sold that company to StatPro in 2016 to become their Global Head of Risk.

Damian received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his doctorate in nuclear astrophysics while working on Correlation Functions at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at MSU.

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