Q1 2022 Fee Analyzer

Fee trends for new mandates by duration within U.S. Fixed Income.

Over 95% of short and 80% of intermediate and long duration portfolios within U.S. Fixed Income outperformed their benchmarks over the past three years. Find out which plan types are generating the most activity within these spaces and which products are contributing to higher spreads and greater fee pressure.

This timely report examines the actual post-negotiated fee data of 147 managers with more than 800 observations. Uncover fee trends for new mandates by duration within U.S. Fixed Income to gain insight into:

  • Where new active and passive mandates are most favored
  • Which plan types are showing interest in short, intermediate and long duration products
  • Which duration products have the tightest—and largest—fee spreads
  • How mandate size affects post-negotiated fees

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Investment Metrics Fee Analyzer is the industry’s source of post negotiated manager fees. Fee Analyzer is an interactive tool used to benchmark post-negotiated manager fees across 70,000 observations and 65+ investment styles. It compares negotiated fees (rather than list or published fees) for different plan types, mandate sizes and asset classes. With Fee Analyzer’s reliable fee data, asset allocators and managers gain competitive insights from benchmarking and evaluating fees vs. returns and risk—essential to manager selection, fee transparency and pricing efficiency across the institutional investment market.


About the Author:

Brendan Cooper
Senior Consultant, Research & Market Intelligence Group
Investment Metrics


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