Q1 Plan Universe Allocation & Return Analysis

See which plans outperformed and where assets are allocated

We analyzed over 2,700 plans to find out which generated the highest returns in Q1 2021 and drilled down to uncover where these plans invested and what their returns are.

The first of our quarterly data and analysis reports on Plan Universe examines the asset allocation and performance of:

  • US Corporate Plans
  • Public Pension Plans
  • Taft-Hartley Funds
  • Endowments & Foundations

Investment Metrics Plan Universe is the industry’s most granular analytics tool for plan sponsors including standard and custom peer group comparisons of performance, risk, and asset allocations by plan type and size. The data is sourced directly from over 4,000 institutional plans, representing over $4 trillion in assets, from investment consultants, advisors and asset owners who use our portfolio analytics and reporting solution. Updated three times every quarter, the data includes 20+ years’ history on institutional investment plans.

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Brendan Cooper
Brendan is a senior consultant at Investment Metrics, responsible for overseeing the research team. Brendan consults with the money management community on the investing of institutional assets. Living abroad for many years greatly influenced his interest in world affairs and was part of the reason that he studied history and economics. Brendan holds a BA from Boston College and has over 20 years of investment experience.

Damian Handzy
Damian has 24 years’ experience in FinTech analytics, having worked with hundreds of Wall Street’s most successful investment managers in risk management, performance attribution and factor analysis. He joined Style Analytics in August 2019 to help bring their innovative and unique style factor approach to a wider market. Prior to joining Style Analytics, Damian co-founded Investor Analytics in 199 as Wall Street’s first cloud-based multi-asset class risk service provider and served as Chairman and CEO until he sold that company to StatPro in 2016 to become their Global Head of Risk.

Damian received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his doctorate in nuclear astrophysics while working on Correlation Functions at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at MSU.

Cady Ridall
Cady is a Client Success Manager at Investment Metrics working as a member of the research team. She joined the firm in February and is responsible for maintaining client relationships, onboarding, and training new users to the Market Insights platform. Cady holds a BA from Fairfield University where she majored in Communication and minored in Marketing and Sociology.

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