July 2022 Factor Performance Analysis

Sudden market rebound did not apply equally to all factors in all markets.

Despite the recent market rally, the risks of further market turmoil remain front and center. Supply chain concerns, war and potential geopolitical disruptions have increased inflation expectations. While certain markets realized their strongest gain in years, the sudden rebound did not apply equally across all factors—or all markets.

Our latest report uses Style Analytics data to examine factor performance from July across four geographic regions: the US, Europe, Emerging Markets and Australia. Gain insights across seven different factors and 23 sub-factors to uncover:

  • Which factors outperformed in the hot U.S. Equities market
  • How the energy crisis has impacted Europe—and what this means for investors
  • Where Emerging Markets could not match U.S. market gains
  • Why nearly all factors except one underperformed in Australia

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About the Author:

Stephen Reid
Client Success Manager
Investment Metrics, a Confluence company

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