Interpreting the Factor Tilts

How factors can help investors understand performance and risk.

Looking to achieve greater returns? Understanding how a portfolio tilts to specific factors can give investors an edge. This report, Factors Primer: Interpreting the Factor Tilts, reviews the principles behind factor tilts, how to use them, and how they impact portfolio performance.

Our report answers common questions such as:

  • What does it mean to be tilted away from a benchmark?
  • How can investment strategies affect the tilt of a portfolio?
  • How can investors use factor tilts to explain risk and factor exposures of a portfolio?
  • How can factor tilts help evaluate portfolio performance?

Download the report today and find out how a portfolio’s tilt can deliver the insights you need to inform your strategy decisions.



About the Author:


Alex Lustig
Client Success Manager
Style Analytics, part of Confluence

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