Favorable Factors During EU Recessions

Allocations that will help investors successfully navigate a recession.

The European Union is still far from pre-pandemic economic levels. With commodity prices and inflation soaring, many experts see this as a catalyst for the European economy to contract. Our research team examined which factor allocations are mostly likely to help investors if this happens.

This report analyzes the performance of 32 factors during expansionary and recessionary periods in the European Union to uncover the optimal exposures for each environment. Gain insight into:

  • Which factor styles outperform during recessions
  • Which styles perform well regardless of economic environment
  • The exposures investors should avoid during an economic slowdown
  • How investors can successfully navigate changing environments

Download our Favorable Factors During EU Recessions report today to learn more and see why using a factor investing lens can help you make the right investment decisions.

About the Author

Eduardo Jimenez Martin, CFA, FRM
Senior Consultant
Investment Metrics

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