European Climate Funds 2021

What exactly are investors getting?

Climate funds are not all created equal, making it important for investors to understand the nuances of different funds. This timely report profiles six actively managed European Climate Funds and one ETF to reveal what types of companies investors are exposed to. Find out how these funds are performing, see their similarities and discover exactly what each means by “Climate”.

This detailed analysis provides insights into:

  • How well the funds score on ESG—and how scores relate to performance
  • Which types of fundamental factor exposures the funds provide
  • Which sectors and stocks climate funds are investing in
  • How each funds’ carbon exposure stacks up against the MSCI world benchmark

Know exactly what you can expect from climate funds. Download this report to learn more.


About the Authors:

Damian Handzy
Head of Research & Applied Analytics
Investment Metrics

James Monroe
Senior Consultant
Investment Metrics

Zenja Sabah
Head of Sales Continental Europe & Middle East
Investment Metrics

Yannis Papacostas
Relationship Manager - Lead Consultant EMEA
Investment Metrics

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