The Guide to Compelling Investment Presentations

For Asset Managers

At Investment Metrics, we know that clarity and confidence is what your investment committee is looking for when it comes to creating a powerful investment presentation.

From our extensive knowledge and broad experience, we've compiled the top factors every compelling presentation relies on:

  • How did the portfolio perform?
  • What factors drove that return?
  • What key actions did the manager take and what were the results?
  • What is the outlook for the coming quarter?
  • How is the portfolio positioned for these conditions?

Using the best reviews that we have seen so far, we have developed a model to help you construct a presentation that is clear, logical, and convincing.

Download the guide and learn about key attributes you should include, along with some suggestions that will help to utilize your data and tell your unique story.

Start building your most powerful presentation

Our Global Clients

Our Global Clients