The Guide to Compelling Investment Presentations

For Institutional Investment Consultants

At Investment Metrics, we’ve powered the analysis behind thousands of performance reviews, many of which were conducted for the largest and most demanding institutions in the world.

Based on our vast experience, the most compelling presentations weave a unified narrative out of these critical strands:

  • How did the plan perform?
  • What factors drove that return?
  • Which managers performed better than others?
  • What were the key actions the manager took, and how did they turn out?
  • What is the outlook for the coming quarter?
  • How is the plan positioned for these conditions?

We’ve developed this guide to help you build your most powerful presentation based on the best performance reviews we’ve seen.

Download the guide to gain access to the key attributes your presentation should include, plus a few tips and suggestions on how to use data to tell your best story.

Start building your most powerful presentation

Our Global Clients

Our Global Clients